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Meet the team!

Your Support System

Jane, Elle and Zanna

Friendly Midwife-led classes to give you antenatal education, birth preparation and postnatal information in a relaxed and sociable real group setting.

Jane - Midwife facilitator for Poole classes

and founder of Poole Bumps and Babies

Jane has several years experience working Poole Maternity Unit. Her passion for giving everyone a positive birth experience is evident in everything she does. Now she wants to share that passion with you.

Her knowledge is current and adapts to the ever-changing climate of birth.

This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and feel empowered to meet your beautiful new arrival, in a fun and light-hearted manner.

Elle and Zanna - Midwife facilitators for Bournemouth classes.


Elle has worked as a midwife in Wales and Poole and has delivered babies in Tanzania (ooohhhh!).  Her extensive knowledge of the lead up to labour and birth will leave you feeling positive and empowered. She was inspired to become part of the Bumps and Babies team having seen the difference the classes were making to women at the time of birth.


Zanna has been a midwife for 8 years, working in a London hospital and at Poole Maternity hospital. Her straight talking approach to labour and birth will have you feeling really ready for the exciting journey ahead. She attended Jane’s classes in her own pregnancy and has made the most amazing group of friends as a result, sharing their journeys highs and lows and knew she’d make a great asset to the Bumps and Babies team!


Classes held in both Poole and Bournemouth


Meet The Team

Jane - Founder of Poole Bumps & Babies

When working as a midwife, Jane found she had a passion for bringing an authentic element to antenatal education, birth preparation and helping people feel ready to care for their new baby. Before long, Poole Bumps & Babies was born!

Jane has been a Midwife from many years at a busy local maternity unit. Prior to Midwifery, Jane was a teacher, but found a real passion for working with women during their journey into motherhood when she became a trained pregnancy massage specialist. After the birth of her second daughter, she knew she had to become a Midwife.

With passion, humour and a down to earth take on life, Jane will leave you feeling fully equipped and empowered to take on your journey as a new parent.

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